What is RePerfom?

Mangement and program consultant services for Operations Performance Management Systems and solutions, from mid-size companies to global corperations.

Providing program/project management expertise establishing Business Intelligence solutions in complex business environments. Key focus is to ensure cross-functional alignment between Sales, Operations and Finance, supporting right-sizing and integration of either standard BI products or customized solutions.

It's all about the right information, delivered in the right format, at the right time to the right people.

What does RePerform change?

Discussions about data accuracy and not the issues!

Explanations on where mistakes that were made in the past, as opposed to proactively acting on indications that issues are about to happen in the future!

Lack of accountability or problem areas with no ownership

Unclear definitions or lack of efficient translations of Boardroom KPIs to the shop floor

Operational Performance Management is to enable Visibility, Relevance, Actionable issues and Results everyday